Language Center, A.C.


We offer you the opportunity of effectively learn a new language in a nice environment. Qualified native teachers will teach you the four skills of the new idiom you are approaching: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Privately, actively participating in class, and receiving a lesson tailored to your interest or needs, surely you will achieve your objective.

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Invite a friend to your class for the same fee

The 5 most spoken languages

Population and percentage in relation to the world population.
  • Chino 23,6 (1.344 millones)
  • Inglés 11,3 (573 millones)
  • Hindi 8,2 (418 millones)
  • Español 6,9 (352 millones)
  • Ruso 4,7 (242 millones)


Because learning another language increases our children’s expectations.