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gdl_01 Why study Spanish in Guadalajara?

 Guadalajara is one of the most convenient places to come to México due to its location, size and personality.

Guadalajara is situated a few hours from the pacific coast where you can find an ample range of beautiful beaches and towns that host the traditional Mexican flavour. However if you don`t have much time there are many places of interest that are found closer to the city such as Lake Chapala , Tapalpa forest, Mazamitla Forest, Colima Volcano and many others.

 Being Mexico`s second largest city, Guadalajara offers the excitement and comfort that all major cities have. And yet in comparison with other large cities, it maintains its sense of security along with the regional folklore that characterizes the Mexican culture. It is the home of the Mariachi music, tortas ahogadas and tequila and has a decent nightlife with a vast variety of bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

 NorthAmerican, is a young language institute, located in one of the most attractive spots in Guadalajara: “La Zona Rosa”, where you can find nice cafes in open terraces, fine restaurants, supermarkets, shopping areas like “Centro Magno”, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.

 In NorthAmerican you can learn Spanish in a very friendly environment, using our own method, with well trained native teachers; the fees? They are very attractive, only $180 pesos an hour, one on one. You can decide how many hours you want to take…and when to take them.