Language Center, A.C.


Our philosophy in language teaching


In our experience, awakening the interest for the new language that students are learning by tailoring the lesson to their occupation is the best way to help them become fluent in this new foreign idiom. In NorthAmerican we do teach grammar.

We believe that grammar will provide them the tools to effectively communicate their ideas in this new way of speaking. Yes, it is our belief that “practice makes perfect”, but knowing what you are talking about. Therefore, besides paying attention to the four aspects of a language -Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading-, we help students to comprehend how grammar works and how the language is actually used. The quality of a class resides in both the teacher’s capacity and the student’s seriousness as well as the method’s effectiveness. So we work with first-class methods, provide the best teacher possible, and encourage students to achieve their goals by giving them a high-profile lesson in every class.