Language Center, A.C.


  NorthAmerican in your company.
  • In NorthAmerican, we understand the needs of your company.
  • Our teachers provide excellent instruction adapting the lesson to your staff’s occupation.
  • Our costs are very competitive.
  • All our English courses are by Cambridge University Press.
  • We offer specialized Business English courses.
  • For Spanish we use our own method: Expresiones.
  • Connexions is used to teach French.
  •  We can teach you in your office or in our facilities.
  •  Since our groups are small, you participate more in class and receive personal attention, improving the learning process.

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Call us phone. 01 (33) 3825-9903, Our address is, Ramos Millán No. 16 Int. 102, Col. Americana, Guadalajara, Jal. C.P. 44160